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    Elephants in musth want to mate with females that are in estrous, meaning that they are fertile. Asian elephants are vulnerable thanks to many reasons. Sukumar, ; Sukumar, Sukumar, ; Daniel, ; Gray and Phan, ; Sukumar, The Asian elephant has several behaviors related to thermoregulation. The average birth mass is kg.
    asian elephant breeding asian elephant breeding


    The Importance of Breeding Elephants

    The Asian elephant is considered endangered, with between 25, and 32, individuals left in the wild. The Asian elephant was formerly called the Indian elephant. The Asian elephant has an large domed head with relatively small ears, an arched back and a single prehensile finger that is located at the tip of the trunk. An Asian elephant has 5 toes on the front of the feet and and 4 on the back. A large male Asian elephant can typically weigh 6 tons and measure 10 feet in height at the shoulder.
    asian elephant breeding asian elephant breeding

    More Information

    Historically, Elephas maximus had a geographic range of 9 million square kilometers across a large part of Asia. This range extended as far west as current day Iraq, as far north as the Yangtze River in China, and across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, including the islands of Sri Lanka and Sumatra Indonesia. This range consists of small discontinuous areas in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Choudhary, et al. Asian elephants live in a variety of habitats in the tropical region, including grasslands, tropical evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests, and scrub forests.
    asian elephant breeding asian elephant breeding
    Today only the African and the Asian elephant species roam on earth and both are an endangered species. It is estimated that less than 35, Asian elephants survive today in the wild. The greatest threat to the wild Asian elephant is the rapid destruction of the elephant habitat in southern Asia. An adult male Asian elephant can stand up to 2. Females are slightly smaller.
    asian elephant breeding asian elephant breeding

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